Cute Songs To Make Love To

Finding cute songs to make love to can be an integral part of an intimate evening. The songs that are played in the background can make or break an evening. To create a sexy and cozy atmosphere, dim the lights and flip on a soundtrack that includes these songs.

  1. "Your Body Is a Wonderland" by John Mayer.  Before he became known for his womanizing ways, John Mayer was thought of as the sweet and thoughtful musician that serenaded his girl friend in this bouncy tune. What woman wouldn't love for her guy to wax poetic on how beautiful every inch of her manages to be? "Take all your big plans and break 'em, this is bound to be awhile.", gives the impression that this guy isn't exactly a minute man, which is hopefully the case for the your own partner.
  2. "Better Together" by Jack Johnson. Another mellow and happy song with a soft sultry voice. Jack Johnson has a way with words and also has the ability to make you feel like you are at a luau in Hawaii. Not an overtly sexual song, "Better Together" is simply a charming song that reminds us how great love sometimes can be, especially if you've found the right person.
  3. "Fade Into You" by Mazzy Star. A song that is unforgettable because of its haunting vocals and use of the tambourine. Some may instantly think of the '90s once the music begins, but it is a song that holds up well over fifteen years after its release. The vulnerable and raspy voice of lead singer, Hope Sandoval, has the a certain element that makes her sound that she craves that object of affection to almost painful heights. Who wouldn't want to make love while listening something so pure and heartfelt?
  4. "Wild Horses" by The Rolling Stones. Another great song of devotion featuring a killer guitar riff. Mick Jagger and the boys showed their sensitive side for this low-key tune. "Wild Horses" was originated by the Stones but covered by numerous artists including most memorably The Sundays. The Sundays version was featured in a relatively steamy scene involving a rollercoaster in the 1996 Reese Witherspoon/ Mark Wahlberg film, "Fear".
  5.  "Let's Stay Together" by Al Green. Marvin Gaye may take the cake for songs about getting it on, but Al Green knows how important love is while making love. An upbeat Motown song that has its heart in the right place, "Let's Stay Together" is an anthem for those who have to try a little harder each day to stay with the one they love. No one ever said love was easy.
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