Cute Things To Say To Your Girlfriend

Looking for cute things to say to your girlfriend? Maybe you are struggling with the right things to say, or maybe you just want to impress your lady for no special reason. Whatever the reason, we've created a great list of some of the cutest things to say to your girlfriend. Continue reading so you can hurry up and impress your girl!

  1. "Our love is friendship, but set on fire." It's true, you and your girlfriend are probably the best of friends, but with a little more passion and fire than just friends have. This cute saying will have any girl smiling in no time. 
  2. "Your smile makes my day." Sometimes, it's just the simple little compliments that a girl will love. Telling your girlfriend that her smile can light up the room and make your day brighter is a great way to make her smile all over again!
  3. "You're mine and only mine, all rights reserved." You'll definitely make her feel extra special and loved when you say this to her. You want your sweetie to know that you won't let anyone else have her, and that she is all yours. 
  4. "I enjoy every moment with you, even if it's just watching you sleep." Many girls will melt when you tell them that you love being with them, and even watching them sleep. Just be sure not to be too creepy if you are watching her sleep!
  5. "You're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen." It may sound a bit unoriginal, but girls love compliments and love being told how beautiful they are. You should always be telling your girlfriend that she is beautiful!
  6. "You made me the luckiest guy alive." If you feel lucky that you have the prettiest and most wonderful girlfriend on the planet, why not tell her that? This cute saying is sure to make her blush, in the good way of course. 
  7. "You're so sweet, I'm turning diabetic." A bit cheesy, but there's no harm in this from time to time. A girl will love when you come out and say cute things like this to her, because she'll know it comes from the heart. 
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