Cute Ways To Say I Love You


Guys are always looking for cute ways to say “I love you” because such expressions of romance really charm girls and have a ring of sincerity that often makes more passionate expressions of love seem contrived. Saying “I love you” in cute, whimsical ways can build strong, lasting bonds between a girl and guy. Guys who can be cute when they express their sincere love also demonstrate a good sense of humor, a quality that nearly every girl values. Even if a guy fails in his attempt to be cute, the effort alone is enough for many girls. 

  1. Leave Notes. This is a tried but true cute way to say “I love you.” Write short love notes and put them in places that your wife or girlfriend will find them when you're not there. You can leave notes in the pockets of her clothing, in her car, in drawers, on her vanity, in her jewelry box, on a table, taped to a door, or anywhere else that you can think of. Not only is this one of the cute ways to say “I love you,” it's also fun to figure out places to leave the notes. This tactic never fails to charm girls.

  2. Massage. Giving your lover an unexpected back rub or massage is one of the cutest ways to say “I love you.” Many girls also like foot rubs.

  3. Write on a Mirror. Even though this is one of the oldest of the cute ways to say “I love you,” it's still exceptionally effective. You can write “I love you” with lipstick or soap on the mirror while she's taking a shower, but an even cuter method is to steam up the mirror when she's not there and write “I love you” in the condensed steam on the mirror and let it dry. When she takes a shower, the words will appear again. A variation of this method is to write the message on the mirror with anti-fog solution so that you don't have to steam up the mirror.

  4. Make a Video and Post It Online. Make a video professing your love for her and post it online for everyone to see. You might even include a short love poem. Yes, your friends may think you look foolish, but ham it up and have fun on the video. Your willingness to embarrass yourself is what makes this one of the cute ways to say “I love you.”

  5. Flowers at Work. Take flower to her unexpectedly at work or school even though it's not a special occasion. Don't have them delivered, take them yourself. Girls just love the attention that a delivery of flowers brings them. The effect is multiplied when the flowers are accompanied by a kiss.

  6. Write a Love Poem or an Old Fashioned Love Letter. The poem doesn't have to be good for it to be a cute way to say “I love you.” It's the effort that counts. Girls are really swept off their feet by loves letters. The letter has to be handwritten, too. Text messages, emails, and instant messages just aren't cute ways to say “I love you” compared to the effort and intimacy of a handwritten letter

  7. Start a Scrapbook. Yes, scrap-booking is a girl thing. But, that's why when a guy does it, it becomes one of the cute ways to say “I love you.” Save mementos from dates or things you did together, collect them in a scrapbook and give it to your girl. For example, you might save a napkin from a dinner date or picnic and put the date on it and why it's special. Things like the date where you shared a romantic kiss for the first time should be memorialized. If the memento won't fit into a scrapbook, frame it.

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