Cycling The George Massey Tunnel In Vancouver: How To Get Through

Need to know about cycling the George Massey Tunnel and how to get through it? The George Massey Tunnel links the towns of Surrey and Richmond in Canada. If you are bicycling from Bellingham, Washington to Vancouver, BC in Canada, then you will need to go through the George Massey Tunnel. The first thing you should know about this tunnel is that is does not have a bike lane. So, if you actually want to cycle the entire 629 meters (2063 feet) through the tunnel, then you are probably a little crazy. Lucky for you, there are some alternatives to braving the tunnel in the traffic lanes.

  1. The Shuttle. There is a free shuttle service from Mainroad that will take you, your bicycle and a few of your buddies through the tunnel. They don't run all the time and have only specific pickup points so you need to have some info before you try and get through the tunnel.
  2. How many buddies? The Mainroad shuttle service will hold you and six of your buddies, with all of your bikes in the trailer in the back. If you have more cyclists, the shuttle can do more than one trip to pick up the rest of your crew.
  3. Where do I catch the shuttle? If you're going south, the pickup point can be found just a little further north of Rice Mill road, east of Highway 99. If you are going north, you can find the pickup from across the Country Inn, east of Highway 99 and on the northern section of Highway 17/ River Road.
  4. Can I call for more info? Mainroad shuttle has two 24 hour hotlines you can call for more info: (604) 575-7020 and (604) 271-0337. 
  5. What is the time schedule for shuttle pickup? The link below for the Bicycle Shuttle will take you to the official Mainland Shuttle page where they have listed the specific pickup times for both the North and South shuttle stops.

You should also familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations pertaining to bicycling on the roads of British Columbia. The link below is the official government website that will tell you the rules of the road. 

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