Cysts Under The Skin

Learn how to diagnose and treat cysts under the skin. A cyst is a saclike object under your skin that can contain fluid, gas, or a solid material. You can develop a cyst in any part of your body. Cysts under the skin vary in size from ones that are so large that they displace organs to so tiny that they can only be seen under a microscope.

There are many different reasons that a cysts develops under the skin. A very common cause is an infection but simple wear on your body can cause them. A more serious cause for a cyst under the skin is a tumor. There are also genetic conditions that cause cysts to develop under the skin.

Most cysts are found by feeling a lump under the skin. You can also see my cysts that develop under the skin. Cyst that develop in the linings of organs are usually detected though imaging. Cysts usually do not cause any other symptoms. Sometimes cysts can cause pain or discomfort in the area, which helps with the detection.

There are many different types of cysts that develop under the skin such as: cysts in the thyroid gland, behind the knee cysts (Baker cysts), joint or tendon cysts (Ganglion cysts), cysts within the eyelid (calazions), pineal cysts, kidney cysts, and arachnoid cysts that develop between the brain and spinal cord.

Cysts are treated depending on the type. Cysts under the skin that are very large or cause pain can be removed through surgery. If the cyst is full of fluid, it might be treated through draining. Cyst that are cause by infections can sometimes be treated through antibiotics.

Cysts under the skin vary greatly in severity. If you suspect that you have a cyst under the skin, either because you can feel it or it is causing discomfort, you should go see your primary doctor.

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