D200 Digital Slr Camera: 5 Best Features

Although discontinued, noting the Nikon D200 digital SLR camera's 5 best features is still necessary in the event that you are considering purchase from a site that sells used cameras or has auctions. For a SLR digital camera that won the DIWA Platinum Award, the Nikon D200 is undoubtedly still a camera to be desired for someone who wishes to make the jump from film photography to digital; simply reviewing the five best features does minor justice but is better than none.

  1. Professional quality with enthusiast price. Even now, April 2010, the Nikon D200 digital SLR camera is still able to compete price-wise with some of the leading, newest cameras on the market. So why is the D200 magnesium-alloy body, professional feel –arrangement of buttons and menu options- is a feature in itself.
  2. Wireless transmitter. Don’t have your transfer cord? Don’t worry the Nikon D200 has a wireless transmitter built right in which allows you to transfer your photos to a compatible computer device safely. Few cameras have this option and it is a welcome relief for those who often misplace items. If you are handy with keeping up with a multitude of extras then the D200’s best feature equivalent is the USB 2.0 compatibility that it offers.
  3. Lens support. For those who feel that with a new camera comes a new set of lenses, hold onto to your wallets a little longer.  Due to the Nikon D200’s AI Aperture ring this camera can support a number of AF and MF lenses created before its time. Talk about a money saver!
  4. Top LCD panel. In older model cameras (say the 80’s) you may remember seeing tuners for shutter speed, and ISO. Well this D200 best feature displays “shooting mode, battery condition, card information, gridline display, shutter speed, F stop, [and] shots remaining” just to name a few. Not to mention, it also illuminates making it easier to operate the camera when taking night shots. Amazing, is it not?
  5. Operating speed. There! Your Uncle is laughing. He’s actually laughing and you know you have only a few moments to get your camera on and ready to catch the shot before he either turns away or senses something is awry. At that moment the camera you want to have in your hand is the D200. With a “0.15 second power-up time” this camera is praiseworthy for such a response and it was only respectful that this accomplishment be listed here as one of the five best features of the Nikon D200 digital SLR camera.

So while you can’t walk into your nearest digital camera merchandiser and ask for a Nikon D200 you can venture online to see who else may have it available for you. Don’t assume that because a camera is discontinued somehow its use and performance are obsolete. The D200 still packs quite a punch and is worth every penny.


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