Da Band: Where Are They Now?

Wondering where Da Band is now?  P. Diddy’s rap creation Da Band filled season two of MTV’s “Making the Band” with enough drama, intrigue, and hip-hop beats to last a lifetime.  After Diddy dissolved the group in 2003, the members went their separate ways and have each been pursuing solo endeavors (and occasional arrests).  Here are some of the highlights of the past few years for some of Da Band’s key members.

Since Da Band ended, curly-haired diva Sara Stokes has embarked on her own singing career.  Her sultry R&B styles have remain unchanged and she’s in the process of forming a successful solo career.  In 2009, Stokes was arrested for allegedly stabbing her husband, but pled innocent and served no jail time.  With plans for a tour in 2010, “SS” will continue being the gentle, sensitive performer (and now mother) that she was on the show.  Check out Sara’s single “What’s Wrong” featuring T-Pain for a taste of what she’s been up to lately.

Bad boy Dylan “Dillinjah” John is making sure that you don’t have to look too hard to find out where he is now.  With a unique brand of Caribbean hip-hop, the end of Da Band hasn’t meant the end of Dillinjah’s musical career.  Now a few years in the making, Dillinjah’s first solo release “No Regrets” is still waiting to hit the shelves but has been promised to be out soon.  Off stage, Dillinjah has a six year old son, Tristan, but is still a single father. 

Unfortunately, fans of Rodney “Chopper” Hill wondering where the Da Band star is now only have to look to police reports.  After a brief tour and promising a debut solo record in 2006, Hill (who changed his stage name to Young City) was arrested for armed robbery charges stemming from an incident during his youth before his stint with Da Band.  One year later, he was arrested for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend after police were called and found him holding a knife during an altercation between the couple.  Little has been heard from Chopper since the incidents.

Lynese “Babs” Wiley stole the show with her drama filled rants and diva-esque habits on Da Band.  But where is she now?  In 2008, Babs formed a new rap group the Females Earning Money (FEM) Movement with hip-hop artists Lady Luck, Lady of Rage, and Amil.  Babs’ MySpace also reveals that she’s in the process of starting a new crew called The Squad and is accepting submissions from female rappers across the country for inclusion in the group.


'Making the Band' alum Sara Stokes Arrested for Stabbing Husband

Young City from Making the Band 2 Arrested for Armed Robbery

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