Daft Punk Helmet History

Daft Punk helmet history is a way to understand the phases and evolution of the group. Their music is known for being the antithesis of hard hitting techno and house sounds. The gentlemen of Daft Punk keep their indidentities under wrap by wearing space inspiring helmets. Daft Punk hasn't always worn the same helmets throughout their existence. Thomas and Guy-Manuel make it a point to keep their helmets interesting and always evolving – much like their music.

Discovery Era. This helmet phase through their history ranges from 2001 to 2005. Thomas's helmet had an eye visor that was the focal point. He would use it to showcase varying words such as "Daft Punk" and "Smile." Other than words, he would also display different key strokes to make lines have the appearance of eyes. He would also vary the trim of the visor and the color of the ears. Guy-Manuel's helmet is more like a space man's helmet as it is one cohesive unit. Of course, the images on it would change. Most famously he has put the image of a yellow smiley face on the front. However, nothing stays the same with Daft Punk and their helmet history, so Guy-Manuel's colors and statements continuously changed during this era.

Transition Helmets.  The helmets in this history of Daft Punk were worn after the "Discovery Era" and before the "Human After All Era." Thomas takes this oppurtunity to divide his helmet into two seperate colors above and below the visor. Guy-Manuel's helmet during this particular point in history, takes the leap into the land of golden, metallic imagery. His helmet becomes on solid golden reflective orb.

Human After All Era. From 2005 to 2010, this point in Daft Punk helmet history saw a lot of innovative changes in the style of the helmets. The Thomas helmet takes it chance at changing the look of the ear. From a more steam punk style to its neon red lined "encore" version, his ears suddenly become the focus of the helmet. Guy-Manuel's helmet is becomes more streamlined. His most popular version of this helmet during this era was the "Encore" version which had neon red lines on the seams.

Post Tron Era. From 2010 to present, this part of Daft Punk's helmet history is the most recent. Because of the film "Tron: Legacy" Daft Punk made the wildly popular soundtrack. They even had a major cameo in the film with their blue-themed helmets. Their helmets both made the eye section bright with blue light, as to blend with the rest of the characters in the film. But, of course, they stood out to Daft Punk fans.

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