Dallas Attractions

These Dallas attractions will leave anyone entertained with memorable experiences. Each of these locations will let you see that Dallas, Texas is a truly spectacular city. Whether you are visiting for a day or even living there, vist these attractions to fully experience the city.

  1. Dallas Arboretum & Botanical: This Dallas attraction has 66-acres of well designed landscape. At the arboretum you can also enjoy festivals, concerts, and many other events. It's a great choice as a first date location – with its great beauty and sense of peace, any girl would definitely be impressed by your location choice. There is even indoor and outdoor dining options to give you a well-rounded experience. It also has many family and children activities, making it ideal for anyone with a family. 8525 Garland Road, Dallas, TX 75218-4335
  2. Dallas World Aquarium and Zoological Garden: This aquarium is unlike any other you've ever visited. Originally established in an old warehouse in 1992, this aquarium provides awe-striking exhibits to visitors. There are plants and animals from different regions, giving you a proundly educational experience. There is no limit to what you can experience in this amazing aquarium. You can even enjoy amazing talks and feedings of animals at this Dallas attraction. 1801 North Griffin Street Dallas, TX 75202-
  3. Zero Gravity Amusement Park: This Dallas attraction can let you experience excitement in a new way. It's not your typical amuseument park – it has a skyscaper ride takes you 165 feet high while moving at the speed of fighter jets. But that is only the beginning: for those thrill-seekers, the park offers bungee jumping. At the park you can jump off a seven-story tower with fully-secure safety measures. This is clearly an attraction that is full of surprises and adventures. 11131 Malibu Drive, Dallas, TX 75229
  4. Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament: If you love unique and quirky experiences, then this Dallas attraction will be truly memorable. At this Renaissance-themed dinner theater, you can enjoy games, jousting, and sword-fighting performed by skilled cast members. The Dallas replica castle serves delicious medieval food, including garlic bread, chicken, and bisque soup. The food and show go hand-in-hand, making this a Dallas attraction you won't want to drive past. 2021 North Stemmons Freeway, Dallas, TX 75207
  5. State Fair of Texas: This is not a year-round Dallas attraction, so time your visit right so you don't miss out on this great fair.  And it's worth planning for, as the fair has a detailed pumpkin carver (the "Picasso" of pumpkin carving), skyway gondolas to view the park from above, concerts, and much more. There are also great food choices, letting you try new flavors and perfected recipes while you enjoy the attractions. 3921 Martin Luther King Junior Bl, Dallas, TX 75210



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