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What are Dan Marino’s stats? Dan Marino will probably go down as probably the greatest quarterback to never win a Super Bowl. The NLF’s most prolific passer played for seventeen years for the Miami Dolphins as their heralded quarterback. One Super Bowl appearance in those seventeen years resulted in a loss to the San Francisco 49ers. Read on for a list of some of Marino’s most superb stats.

  1. Games played. Dan Marino played in 242 games. If one looks at this number it means that he played in almost each game for seventeen seasons. This is a superb testament to his durability as an athlete.
  2. Career passing attempts. Dan Marino made 8,358 pass attempts in 242 games, which was when he retired the NFL record.
  3. Career completions. Dan Marino made 4,967 completions in those 8,358 attempts. This is a fantastic percentage for any quarterback. It indicates how accurate his passing was.
  4. Career passing yards . Dan Marino passed for 69,361 yards on those 4,967 completions. This is an incredible number. It was so good in fact that when he retired it was the NFL record.
  5. Career touchdowns. Dan Marino passed for 420 touchdowns on 4,967 pass completions. This again was an NFL record when he retired.
  6. Career interceptions. In his career Dan Marino  threw 252 interceptions out of 8,358 passing attempts. This turned into an interception rate of slightly just over three. This was a Miami Dolphin team record for lowest career interception rating.
  7. Career passing rating. Dan Marino had an 86.4 lifetime quarterback rating. This rating is comprised of a chain of calculations using passing attempts, passing yards, completions, and interceptions. In his rookie season his passer rating was 96. This was, when he retired, an NFL record for a single season passing rating for a rookie season.
  8.  Career rushes. Dan Marino rushed the ball 301 rushes in 242 games played.  He was considered a pocket passer who seldom rushed the ball if he could throw it. What coach would risk such a passer by rushing him often.
  9.  Career rushing yards. Dan Marino rushed for eighty-seven yards from 301 rushes. This comes out to an average of 3/10ths of a yard per rush. As compared to his passing yardage, one can easily see why he threw a good deal more than he ran.
  10.  Career rushing touchdowns. Dan Marino scored nine touchdowns in 301 rushes. One can only imagine the hammering heart beat of his coach after every single one. He was risking a golden arm on his legs.
  11. Career fumbles. Dan Marino fumbled the ball 110 times in 242 games played. This might sound high but when one considers that he threw the ball 8,358 times, and ran the ball 301 times it does not sound so huge.
  12. Career records. Upon the time of his retirement Dan Marino held, shared or was in second, or third place in thirty-three NFL Records. These records included, most passes attempted, most career passing yards, and most games with 400 yards passing. He also held, shared, or was in second or third in over eighty Miami Dolphin team records. He  had a very successful career.

Those are Dan Marino’s stats. This hall of famer had a storied profession with the stats back up. Dan Marino had a career matched by few NFL quarterbacks and to say he never got a championship ring is simply to say that is not how a great quarterback should be judged.

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