Dance Marathon Training

Dance marathon training can be a lot of fun, but it is also likely to be a lot of hard work. When you choose to compete in a dance marathon, you need to prepare for many hours of strenuous activity. This means that cardiovascular training will be key. You should also prepare for hours of boredom as part of your dance marathon training because dancing can only be enjoyable for so long. Follow the tips below to prepare for your next dance marathon.

  1. Get a dance partner. If the dance marathon involves dancing with a partner, such as ballroom dancing or salsa dancing, you will need to get a partner for your training. Try to train with the same partner you will be participating in the dance marathon with.
  2. Find out how long the dance marathon you’re training for generally lasts. The length of a dance marathon can vary. Talk with participants from previous years, as well as the sponsors to get a better idea of just how long you’ll be dancing.
  3. Give yourself time to train. You’ll want to build up slowly to the actual length the dance marathon might be. For example, if the dance marathon can be fifteen hours, start with two straight hours of dancing to train. Gradually increase the hours each practice and after several weeks, you will have reached 15 hours. If the marathon can last for more like 30 hours, you probably won’t actually get to this time during training.
  4. Dance all night. At least a few times during your dance training, you and your partner should dance through the night and continue dancing through sunrise. This is generally the point in an actual dance marathon where people start to lose energy and collapse. If you can make it through sunrise and into the next day, you’ll be better prepared for the dance marathon.
  5. Get lots of sleep the week leading up to the dance marathon. Most dance marathons will last at least half a day and generally go all night long. This means you will need to be very well rested. Get eight hours of sleep leading up to the day of the marathon, and make sure you get a solid night’s sleep the day before.
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