Dance Terms

If you are interested in getting into dance, then you should know some dance terms. These are the most basic forms of jargon that every dancer should know if they what to at least seem like they know a little bit about what they are doing while in the dance studio. Be sure to make sure you have memorized these meanings perfectly before you go and try to use them around experienced dancers so that you can avoid any embarrassing screw ups!

  1. Tempo. Tempo is more of a broad music term, but nonetheless, it is very important in dance also. This term refers to the speed of the music, usually measured in beats per minute, and varies by songs with the classical dances usually being a little bit slower than the newer and modern dances of today.
  2. Swivel. This dance term refers to a move that is done in many different types of dances. To pull off a swivel, you have to press the heel of your weighted foot’s ball into the ground which lifts the heel up in the air. You then swivel on the ball of your foot by moving your heel back and forth and then you have pulled off the swivel dance move!
  3. Catch. A dance move that is mostly used in tap dance, a catch is simply where you tap one heel of one foot against the other heel of your other foot. You can also inverse the step and tap each toe of your dancing feet against the other to get a percussion style sound.
  4. Dig. When the dancer taps the heel of one of his or her feet on the floor without much weight behind it and with the leg still straightened out. This also gives a percussion sound similar to a catch.
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