Dancehall Celebrities

If you enjoy reggae music with a bit of kick, chances are that you've heard some of these famous dancehall celebrities. Dancehall is a style of music that mixes classic reggae vocal stylings with more upbeat rhythms and sometimes racier lyrics. Whether you're a seasoned veteran fan of dancehall music or you're looking to learn about some of the greats, you'll want to check out these dancehall celebrities.

  1. Sean Paul: When compiling a list of the greatest dancehall celebrities, you can't forget the father of "Dutty Rock," Sean Paul. One of the most internationally successful dancehall celebrities of all time, Sean Paul has performed with artists such as Beyonce Knowles, Keyshia Cole and even Rihanna.
  2. Beenie Man: Known as one of the most popular DJs in Jamaica, Beenie Man has been known as one of the great dancehall celebrities since the early 80's. Since then, he's released a veritable cornucopia of dancehall hits including "Slam" and "World Dance."
  3. Bounty Killer: Considered to be one of the most influential of all the dancehall celebrities, Bounty Killer has inspired quite a few new dancehall celebrities and helped to give them a leg up in the business. One of his most popular songs was the underground hit "Copper Shot."
  4. Buju Banton: One of the more controversial dancehall celebrities is Buju Banton, perhaps best known for the controversy he created with his graphic sexuality and homophobic lyrics upon his debut. Despite all the negativity, however, he proved he was in it for the long haul and has even put out a safe-sex song called "Willy (Don't Be Silly)."
  5. Shaggy: If you are looking for a dancehall celebrity who was a huge crossover success, then shift your eyes over to the popular artist Shaggy. Making his debut during the early 90's, Shaggy released hit after hit, including the popular song, "It Wasn't Me."
  6. Elephant Man: Known for his prominent ears, DJ Elephant Man made his mark in the 90's and has remained a dancehall celebrity ever since. One of his most popular songs was the hit "Pon di River, Pon di Bank," released in 2003.
  7. Gregory Isaacs: One of the biggest dancehall celebrities of all time is the late Gregory Isaacs.  Known for his smooth lovers rock and reggae songs, he has released more classic hits than any other reggae or dancehall artist.
  8. Bunny Wailer: One of the original founding members of the Wailers, Bunny Wailer is a long-term dancehall celebrity as well as one of the most famous names in reggae music. A childhood friend of Bob Marley, the two created many wonderful songs together and Bunny often tributes songs to his departed friend.
  9. Yellowman: Considered to be the father of "slack" lyrics, Yellowman was not only one of the first dancehall celebrities, but he was also one of the most controversial. Many of his songs contained lyrics that were blatantly homophobic and filled with all manner of blatant sexuality.
  10. Eek-a-Mouse: One of the most original dancehall celebrities, Eek-a-Mouse is known for his style, called sing-jay and has pioneered vocal stylings for many new dancehall artists. Some of his hits include "Once a Virgin," "Wa-Do-Dem" and "Noah's Ark."  
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