Daniel Craig Workout


If you want to have that killer body of Daniel Craig as seen in his James Bond movie "Quantum of Solace", you may want to try out the Daniel Craig Workout. The workout is composed of different components that one needs to do in order to shape their body build.

You will need:

  • Barbell
  • Exercise mat
  • Dumbbells
  • bench
  1. Jerk exercise.  Place a barbell on the floor just in front of you and stand on a mat with heels flat on the floor. Bend forward to lift the barbell as with a deadlift, raising the barbell towards the mid-thigh and progress to lift it towards the trunk region and eventually bring the barbell over the head.
  2. Squats. Take a wider stance on the exercise mat with toes slightly pointing outwards. Slowly bend the knees, keeping the body erect and perpendicular to the ground. Hold the knee at about 90 degrees and then extend the leg to relax the knees.
  3. Dip exercises to strengthen the triceps. Assume a prone position on the exercise mat and bring the upper half of your body up with the elbow straight. Do the dip by flexing the elbow at 90 degrees to bring the upper half of the body down and slowly extend elbows to bring it up. This Daniel Craig workout will strengthen the triceps muscles together with the back and shoulder muscle groups.
  4. Lateral raise using a dumbbell. Holding a dumbbell on each hand with the arms perpendicular to the ground, slowly bring the arms up sideward until shoulder level. Feel the muscles of the upper arms tighten. Hold the position for ten seconds, then slowly bring down the dumbbell in a relax position.
  5. Bench press workout. Lying on abench that holds the barbell in position, slowly lift the barbell off from its support and bring it up. Hold the position for five to ten seconds and then slowly bring it down. Wait for another five to ten seconds before bringing the barbell up again. This Daniel Craig workout aims to strengthen the shoulder, back and arm muscles.
  6. Do the Daniel Craig workout in repetitions. Ideally you should do the workout for fifteen repetitions. However, you can increase the number of repetitions to twenty then 25 reps as you progress with your Daniel Craig workout.
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