Daniel Fast Instructions

The Daniel Fast  is diet program related to a spiritual journey of an individual to get himself closer to God. Based on fasting or the limiting of food intake in the Bible, Daniel Fast instructions focus on giving up rich foods and curbing your physical and mental appetite.

  1. Get rid of rich foods because the Bible does not define “rich foods,” this is a judgment call. The first step in the Daniel Fast instructions is to give up meat and poultry and processed foods like flour and sugar.
  2. Fill the kitchen with raw and whole foods – In the Bible, Daniel only ate vegetables and drank water when he was fasting. Look for fruits and vegetables that are high in color because they generally have more nutrients. Stock up on legumes like beans and nuts for your protein needs.
  3. Beverages. Get rid of all beverages other than water.
  4. Get rid of figurative cravings to bring yourself closer to God, fast from worldly activities like sports, television and social engagements. The Daniel Fast instructions do not only focus on physical hunger but mental and psychological as well.
  5. Meditation and prayer – Instead of attending social engagements, take time for yourself to meditate and pray.  Choose a quiet space and stay there for at least 10 minutes daily so you can contemplate on life and the other steps you have to take to be closer to God.
  6. Learn to say “no” – You are the only one who is monitoring your fasting. To avoid temptations, do not look at rich foods and drinks. Discipline is an integral part of the Daniel Fast.  You are answerable only to yourself and to God.

This diet plan is usually done for 21 days. You have to continue with these instructions until you feel that you have achieved your goals of bringing yourself closer to God through fasting. Do not forget to consult your doctor first before following the Daniel Fast Instructions in order to be sure that this is safe and applicable for you.

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