Dark Orbit Cheats

"Dark Orbit" cheats help PC gamers travel the stars with ease as they build a stronger starship in order to become a bigger scourge to all their enemies. PC gamers can live out their fantasies with Bigpoint's offering to venture to outer space and fight aliens. The quests are plenty in this free MMORPG that will test PC gamer's wits with strategy and patience throughout the experience. As a hot shot pilot, PC gamers must assist the various companies in mining newer raw materials and power in the depths of the unknown cosmos. Cheats for "Dark Orbit" will work to stem the tide in PC gamers' favor to go deeper into the unknown of space and beome a hero to your employers.

  1. Save Your Money Wisely. Money doesn't grow on trees nor does it in the depths of space for "Dark Orbit." Do not upgrade the space ship, Phoenix, for a good long while. If you lose your ship during battle, the new one will be free as long as there are no upgrades so there is no loss in experience, ore or Uridium in the process.
  2. Locate Hidden Maps. Make sure you have the bigboy, goliath or vengeance in order to trek out and find these secret locales in "Dark Orbit." Travel to the x-4 map to locate a jumpgate between two other jumpgates and enter it. You are now in a secret map, but be on your guard as there is no protection for the dangers that lie in the unknown territory of space.
  3. Obtain a Devoliriam Ship. Complete numerous quests in "Dark Orbit" using the Phoenix ship then travel to the planet x3-4 to battle and defeat a Devoriliam. Search for another Devoriliam and this time, let it waste you. Do not fix the ship but purchase a brand new one. Return to the planet x3-4 and defeat another Devoriliam ship. Now go back to the shop and there will be the Devoriliam ship available to purchase.
  4. God Cheat. Sometimes the galaxy can get the best of even the most seasoned hot shot pilots in "Dark Orbit." Travel to base 2-1 in order to enter in the following cheat code: "god." Then, log out of the game. Log in again to the game and now you are practically invincible to all enemy attacks which makes for smooth travels across the universe!
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