Dating Advice Books

dating advice books

There are hundreds of dating advice books because everybody needs help in the relationship world once and a while.  That being said, use your head.  Some of these books have legitimate advice, while others could get you arrested for assault. Pick carefully ladies and gents, pick very, very carefully.


  1. Just because their famous doesn’t mean they’re right. Do you really think dating advice books written by celebrities and reality TV stars is good advice?  Sure, they know how to dress for attention but do they really know anything about having healthy relationships?  Considering they need television shows to find relationships (that never, ever end well), they might not be the best people to imitate.
  2. Pay attention to titles. Most writers go through hell trying to figure out good titles for their books and you can usually tell just from the title of the book if it’s worth reading. A dating advice book called, The Game: Penetrating The Secret Society of Pickup Artists or The Code: Time-tested Secrets for Getting What You Want From Women-Without Marrying Them probably isn’t going to do any more then get you slapped. And it works both ways.  Dating advice books for women with titles like The Rules: Time-Tested Secrets for Capturing the Heart of Mr. Right probably won’t do more then scare the poor guy into an early grave (Also: this works both ways, women get unnerved by early marriage talk too).
  3. Look at both sides.  Don’t focus on dating advice books that only focus on getting the woman or the man.  Look for books that address both sides of the equation and don’t assume that it’s the same for everybody.  Lumping people into categories never ends well, it’s actually pretty insulting, and these days most people can tell when you’re doing it.
  4. Don’t overcomplicate it. With some of these dating advice books it might just be better to just read a psychology textbook.  Likewise, don’t over simplify.  Some dating advice books put it pretty bluntly, “F**** like a porn star.” How the hell does that help?! Also, being realistic, porn stars? So many reasons that’s not a good goal.
  5. Don’t pick someone out of a book. Some dating advice books talk about specific types of men and women and while that may seem like what you want when you’re reading it, in reality people are that simple.  Pick someone because you like them, not because a writer wrote about them.



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