David Beckham: 10 Best Free Kicks

Anyone who would see the David Beckham: ten best free kicks would either love him or hate him as an amazing soccer all-star. You can never be in between when you’ve witnessed his ability to deliver every time the team needs him the most. As the inspiring line goes, “Bend it like Beckham.” But nobody does it like him as one of the greatest free kick specialists of all time.

  1. “LA Galaxy vs New York Red Bull” On August 18 of 2007, David Beckham for LA Galaxy takes a 2-1 lead over New York Red Bull at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. His free kick amazed the crowd for seeing a classic David Beckham move that nobody else can do.
  2. “LA Galaxy vs Sydney FC” During a friendly match with Sydney FC, David Beckham scored for LA Galaxy when the opponent was already on a 3-0. This outstanding free kick goal shows David’s awesome skill as the real “Bender.”
  3. “LA Galaxy vs Barcelona” In an exhibition game on August 1, 2009, David Beckham had a great goal for LA Galaxy. He tied it to 1-1 with one of his best free kicks for LA Galaxy and in his football career.
  4. “LA Galaxy vs D.C. United” In Beckham’s first major league for LA Galaxy, David Beckham was able to curve the ball to lead his team (1-0) against D.C. United. This is great evidence of a David Beckham who stepped up and scored for LA Galaxy in the Superliga match. It made the crowded stadium scream and shout as they witnessed the incredible free kick by nobody else but Beckham.
  5. “AC Milan vs Genoa” On January 28, 2009, David Beckham successfully kicks the ball to the top-right corner of the goal for AC Milan. His curving free kick at 33’ was the only goal of the team during the night, and it was actually his second for the team. Soccer fans must see it to believe; it’s one of the best free kicks David ever had.
  6. “England vs Leicester” During the league’s first game of 1998/99 season, David Beckham’s free kick prevented their loss to Leicester City. His trademark, one of his best free kicks, was just proof that the controversies about David exiting English football were wrong.
  7. “Manchester United vs Real Madrid” David Beckham ties the score with a free kick goal during the quarterfinals in 2003. When Manchester United was down (3-2), everyone thought he just had to “bend” it for his team.
  8. “England vs Columbia” The 1998 World Cup Finals was a turning point in Beckham’s career when he wasn’t in the starting line-up for the first two matches. Of course, David has a way of not “losing himself out” with nothing else but a free kick. Not just an ordinary free kick that anyone can do, it was truly an outstanding one against Columbia in the World Cup France.
  9. “England vs Ecuador” In the second round of World Cup 2006, David Beckham scores with a free kick wherein the ball went up and down so fast that it gave Ecuador no way to block it. It was nothing but an amazing curve from David Beckham in the Germany World Cup 2006 – one of the best free kicks of all time.
  10. “England vs Greece” David Beckham became the savior of his team when their opponent was already giving the crowd an amazing impression. But, then again, his unbelievable free kick saved England from disappointment. In the 94th minute, the free kick goal was done in perfect timing to make way for England to qualify for the 2002 World Cup. This was the most defining moment of Beckham for England.
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