David Beckham: 10 Best Goals

Many soccer fans debate over what David Beckham's 10 best goals are as there is plenty of spectacular ones to choose from. Since his career began at Manchester United in 1992 it has been closely followed by fans all over the world. Throughout this time David Beckham has become one of England's most iconic figures and an internationally acclaimed soccer player, hailed as one of the best in the world.  Whether donning the red jersey for Manchester United or crossing the Atlantic to play for LA Galaxy, he has consistently scored some of the most memorable goals in soccer history.

  1. Manchester United versus West Ham United.  In this December 1996 Premiership match, David Beckham scored one of the 10 best goals in his career. Positioned outside of the box, Beckham chipped the ball over the defenders heads and into the left hand corner of the net. Although the game ended in a draw, the goal is definitely one of the best.
  2. Manchester United versus Tottenham Hotspur. Another goal from just outside of the box, this time it was against Tottenham Hotspur in May 2000. A swift cross enabled Beckham to curve the ball towards the left side of the goal where it was deflected in by the goal post.
  3. Manchester United versus Wimbledon. Possibly on everyone's 10 best goals by David Beckham list is this one against Wimbledon in August 1996. Shooting from the halfway line, Beckham makes the ball soar over the head of the awestruck Wimbledon goalkeeper in front of a similarly awestruck crowd.
  4. England versus Greece. In the 2002 World Cup qualifier against Greece David Beckham stepped up to take a free kick. Widely known as having the ability to score from a free kick, the then England captain lived up to his reputation by delivering a scorching goal through Greece's wall of defenders.
  5. L.A. Galaxy versus Kansas Wizards. In a style similar to goals scored in previous matches back in his Premiership career, David Beckham scored against Kansas from 70 yards. This May 2008 goal was easily one of the 10 best goals of his career.
  6. England versus Argentina.  Back in 2002 Beckham scored another of his 10 best goals, this time against Argentina. A penalty was called against Argentina and Beckham was up to take it. A consistent goal scorer he successfully placed the ball to the left hand side of the goal with ease.
  7. Real Madrid versus Ecija FC.  In 2006 Beckham continued his career in style by adding this goal to his 10 best goal list. After the Ecija goalkeeper saved Real Madrid's first attempt Beckham took advantage of the deflection to shoot over the still prostrate goalkeeper and into the back of the net.
  8. Real Madrid versus Sevilla. Another of Beckham's 10 best goals that feature his trademark curve. Taking a corner kick in this 2006 match, Beckham manages to curve the ball over the defenders and the goalkeeper to land it perfectly in the far right corner of the goal.
  9. Manchester United versus Newcastle United.  During his tenure at Manchester United, Beckham scored several of the 10 best goals on this list including this one against rivals Newcastle United in 1996. Breaking away past the halfway line ahead of everyone, Beckham only had to get past the goalkeeper. He did this by simply chipping the ball over his head and into the goal.
  10. Manchester United versus Everton. Beckham's last goal for Manchester United is one of his 10 best goals. A free kick with a well placed chip over the defender's wall landed squarely in the net.
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