David Beckham Hairstyles

David Beckham's hairstyles have gone from stylish and young to sleek and sophisticated. This outstanding soccer player has experienced a variety of great hairstyles, each complimenting his bone structure perfectly. If you want a new idea for your aesthetic choices, you may want to consider these examples set by Beckham.

  1. Buzz cut: Just type "buzz cut" into your web browser and you're sure to get a stream of this suave David Beckham hairstyle. This is perhaps his most iconic hairstyle, with a short-lengthed shave. To achieve this hairstyle all you'd need is a men's haircutting kit, a clipper and guide combs. The guide combs provide you with different length options so you can determine what will fit your particular style interests. However, be careful with this style and remember that your hair will take time to grow back. It is certainly a risk to go for such a short hairstyle because you may not like the results. Even if you already have short hair, this will make a dramatic difference to your appearance.
  2. Long and sleeked-back: This was one of David Beckham's most popular hairstyles, oftentimes slicking his hair back into a half-ponytail or wearing it completely loose. For anyone looking to wear this look, hair needs to be grown to be just above the shoulders. A full-circle hair comb can go around your entire scalp to keep your hair back. Alternatively, a hair tie can keep your hair slicked back into a half-ponytail. If you want to look athletic and stylish at the same time, then this is definitely a David Bekcham hairstyle to consider.
  3. Faux hawk: This is a David Beckham hairstyle that is extremely popular for its non-commital look. With this excellent style you won't have to completely transform your hair. Rather, you can have a regular-length hairstyle (a few inches long) without having to cut your hair specifically for the look. This allows the wearer to sport both professional styles (gelled back or parted to the side), while allowing a casual faux-hawk look during non-work hours. This David Beckham hairstyle is easily achieved with strong gel or hairspray, holding the hair in place as it is styled along the center. It can be a great way to show of your bone structure and fun side without having to completely shave off the sides of your hair to sport a complete mohawk.
  4. Short and Messy: Keeping his hair only a few inches long, Beckham has been known to style his hair in a purposefully messy look. Acheiving this David Bekcham hairstyle may require excessive time and product. Style putty or gel may help you achieve this look. This is a great casual hairstyle, and if your hair is short enough, you may even be able to pull it off as a business-casual look. It is a great choice for anyone looking to add a touch of youth and fun to their look.
  5. Cornrows: This David Beckham hairstyle was certainly unique and aesthetically-pleasing. The style requires the hair to be tightly braided back, starting at the forehead. Small rows (of about half an inch wide) are created with the tightly held hair. Sporting this look definitely requires medium to long-lengthened hair. Short hair will not allow for strands to be held tightly into the braids. This style is ancient, originating in Africa and continuing today as a popular style (as demonstrated by Beckham). There are many creative designes that can be created with each individual braided row, however, Beckham's choice was to have vertical straight lined rows going down his scalp, thus achieving a simple sleek version of cornrows. Alternatively, you can consider following this David Beckham hairstyle with a creative twist and creating swirls or other designs.
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