David Beckham Tattoos

David Beckham tattoos

There’s not much about David Beckham that hasn’t been documented and the extensive collection of David Beckham tattoos is no exception. The guy has a lot of them and it requires careful attention to keep track of what they all mean. Here’s a rundown of some of the highlights of Beckham’s body art.

  1. Guardian angel and winged cross. This nude male figure stretches down Beckham’s spine and spreads its wings across his shoulder blades. There’s more religious imagery on Beckham’s vertebrae and more wings, this time on the back of his neck.
  2. Romeo, Cruz and Brooklyn. They’re not references to Beckham’s favorite play or his favorite NYC burrough. They’re the names of his sons and the tattoos lie at the base of his neck between the winged cross and the angel at the feet of the angel and across his lower back.
  3. Chinese. Some Mandarin writing on the left side of his torso reportedly has something to do with fate and fortune. Beckham picked it up when he was in Hong Kong.
  4. Jesus. Beckham has two tattoos of Jesus on his torso, one of Christ on his way to the cross on the right side and one of Christ being lifted from his tomb by cherubs on the front of his left shoulder. The latter tattoo features Beckham himself in the role of Christ, just the kind of bold statement you’d expect.
  5. Arms. Beckham’s left arm seems to be dedicated to Beckham’s wife, Victoria. It features a nude portrait of her, some phrases that suggest that he’s very devoted to her and a ring of ten roses that reportedly represent the couple’s tenth anniversary. His upper arm sports an image of Cupid and Psyche, which we may assume also represents the couple. Beckham’s right arm is more obscure with a large angel, a cherub, flames and some phrases that would seem to refer to his athletic career.
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