David Yurman Engagement Rings

If you are looking for an engagement ring, you should learn about David Yurman engagement rings. David Yurman is a jewelry, fragrance, and eyewear designer noted for his timeless and classic style. His engagement rings are well known for their unique detail and superior quality. Most David Yurman engagement rings feature an unusual figure eight crossover style band with a large centered diamond.

  1. Crossover Cable Pavé Engagement Ring. This engagement ring features David Yurman's Signature Cut Diamond. The band of the crossover cable contains a full band of diamonds on each cable with the Signature Cut diamond placed at the intersection of the cables. The crossover cable Pavé engagement ring also comes in platinum and yellow gold. If you would prefer a different shape of diamond, this David Yurman ring is also available in the round brilliant cut.
  2. Crossover Cable Engagement Ring with Oval Diamond. This David Yurman engagement ring features a crossover cable pattern of intricately woven gold bands (which do not contain diamonds). At the intersection of the crossover, there is an oval shaped diamond. The David Yurman Crossover Cable engagement ring is also available with a platinum or yellow gold band. The oval diamond can be replaced with a David Yurman Signature cut diamond.  
  3. Contoured Cable Engagement Ring with Pavé sides and David Yurman Signature Cut Diamond. This David Yurman engagement ring has a thick band with Pavé sides. The Pavé sides outline the gold, braided cable and join together with the Signature cut diamonds. The contoured cable engagement ring is also available in platinum and yellow gold.
  4. Cable Diamond Engagement Rings with Round Brilliant Diamond. This David Yurman engagement ring comes with a single or double cable gold band. The braided gold band is thick and it is available in a crossover style or as a single band. The cable diamond engagement ring has the option of a round brilliant diamond or a David Yurman signature cut diamond. 
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