Dawn Of War 2 Campaign Tips

These "Dawn of War 2" campaign tips will not guarantee victory over your opponent, but they will make the task a little easier. Learning how to use these tricks effectively allows you to decimate your opponents and hear the lamentations of their women. Denizens of the Warhammer 40,000 universe are used to these background sounds, but they are still awesome for modern readers.

  1. Give Your Scouts Artillery. Marine scouts are not the most heavily armored units, but they are fast and agile. Equipping them with artillery instead of their normal guns provides extra fire power. You can use it to wipe out units from a distance or soften units up until you can bring your "Dawn of War 2" scouts in. remember to spread the artillery over man of your units in the "Dawn of War 2" campaign.
  2. Jump Rush the Marines In. The grim darkness of the far future holds many miracles of crumbling and forgotten technology. Another good "Dawn of War 2" campaign tip to use in conjunction with the artillery on the scouts is to jump rush the marines into the unit the scouts are fighting. The scouts soften up the units and the marines mop them up.
  3. Play Tyranids for Quick Army Building. Although not a "Dawn of War 2" campaign tip, this trick is useful for multiple player. Tyranids and Eldar to a lesser extent win their matches by rushing the enemy and overwhelming them. If you want to zerg your opponents, playing tyranids is the best choice for obvious reasons.
  4. Vary Your Units' Weapon Types. "Dawn of War 2" campaign tactics rely heavily on the bolt rifle. The bolt rifle is a good weapon with many uses, but it is not the only one. Chain swords, tanks, and even motorcycles make their appearance in the game. A bolt rifle cannot take out the enemy's dreadnoughts easily, but your tanks can take them out. So can your missiles.
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