Dawn Of War 2 Cheat

Enabling the Dawn of War 2 cheat can be a pain in the neck if you don’t know what to look for. Unlike older PC games, new games like the Dawn of War 2 require a little effort from cheaters. But that doesn’t mean you can't find an easy way to blast your way through this game.

1. Enable your cheat mod shortcut. This is the first step to enable your Dawn of War 2 Cheat. You need to create a shortcut on your desktop (or wherever you want your shortcut to be found) and do a little editing to the title by adding “-dev”. It might look like this: “E:\dow cr\Warhammer 40000 Dawn of War II – Chaos Rising\DOW2.exe" -dev

2. Download a cheat mod. There are several websites where you can download a Dawn of War 2 Cheat Mod. Download one of these mods and put the downloaded files on your DoW2 installation folder. Read the "readme" file included on the cheat mod to know the hotkeys to use on your cheats.

3. Enable the cheat mod inside the game.  Now, whenever you start the game through your desktop shortcut, you'll be able to spawn squads, multiply your battle gear, make squads invincible, heal squads quickly, increase requisitions and power, upgrade your army, and much more. If these steps are too much for you though, then follow the next step to get your cheats within a few clicks.

4. If all else fails, download a Dawn of War 2 Trainer.  These are the ultimate solution to winning your wars—awesome scripts designed by gifted and tech savvy gamers.  The cheats you can use depends on the version of the Trainer that you are going to download. Remember that these may not work with the multiplayer and online modes and are only meant to be used during stand-alone gameplay. Also, make sure that you check the version of your game before downloading any Trainer, as Trainers only work with specific versions.

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