Dawn Of War 2 Hints

These Dawn of War 2 hints are abound in a game packed full of achievements, ranging from insanely easy to so difficult they'll leave you in tears. Knowing is half the battle, and these hints will educate you on how to earn those seemingly impossible achievements. Then throw in a little practice time and before you know it you'll outrank your friends as a Dawn of War 2 master. Soon they'll be begging you to share your collection of Dawn of War 2 hints.

  1. Lightning Assassin. Think you've got fast reflexes and have a certain boss battle down so well you can do it in your sleep? Take this Dawn of War 2 hint then and kill a boss in less than one minute. It's a race to the finish and your reward is the Lightning Assassin achievement.
  2. Crush the Enemy. Finish the campaign on Primarch difficulty and you'll unlock Crush the Enemy. Sure it's hard, but you're not thinking of backing out now are you?
  3. Winning Rush. When you need a little break from all this hard work, try this Dawn of War 2 hint on for size. Win five games in a row while playing online and Winning Rush will be yours.
  4. Master of the Apothecarion. More about patience than speed or skill, once you've revived your teammates 50 or more times while playing online you'll win this shining new achievement to throw into your collection. Make sure you're doing ranked play though, or your best efforts will count for nothing.
  5. Gladiator. A title anyone would be proud to carry, play ten ranked multiplayer Dawn of War 2 games and you earn gladiator status. You don't even need to win. For this hint, you still get rewarded for effort. Just don't start slacking off in the rest of the game.



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