Dawn Of War Armor Mods

"Dawn of War" armor mods or "Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War" was officially released in December of 2004 by development company Relic Entertainment and publishing company THQ. It is modeled after popular tabletop war-games called "Warhammer 40,000." The response to "Dawn of War" was positive, and it was critically received.

"Dawn of War" is a strategic game. Knowing how to effectively modify your armor, soldiers and weapons are key to winning the battles that you engage in playing. Battles are defeated by holding a certain amount of control points for a certain amount of time or by destroying all of the opposites armies’ HQ structures. It is necessary for some players to maximize their game play with modifications to get more out of their experience with "Dawn of War."

War armor mods that specifically focus on armor of soldiers are being developed, but focus on the homegrown development base is currently targeted towards developing mods that deploy battle enhancements. These include deploying certain races. Making available characters that were otherwise unavailable without war armor mod or deploy battle members wielding certain specific weapons of choice.

Overall, in order to use these war armor mods, you will have to find their download source for the desired modification and then place the downloaded game mod to the file that your installed game is located at.

The following are some war armor mods that are in use and in development for "Dawn of War":

  1. Heavy Weapons Orks – These war armor mods changes all of the player’s shooters to shooters that are equipped to use heavier artillery as well as changing the critical shooters and tank busters to rocket launchers.

  2. Special Weapon Marine – This war armor mods changes the starter weapons of your deployed marines from a bottler to a plasma ray.

  3. Legion of the Damned – These war armor mods removes Brother Valorous and adds six character models. No unit on the battlefield will be able to summon a sergeant, which depletes both the morale of your enemy and yours. It also adds centaurs to the battlefield.

There are several more war armor mods out there for your enjoyment. You can begin your exploration into the world of modifying downloaded games.

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