Dawn Of War Dark Crusade Inquisition Mod

Embracing the community of modders, Relic Games wanted to allow complete customization for their title, and that may not be more evident than in "Dark of War: Dark Crusade" Inquisition mod. The mod gives Dark Crusade players a completely new playable race in the game, as well as a new leader to guide them in their battles. The race, called the Daemonhunters, is already balanced against the other playable races in the game, ensuring a fair experience for all.

  1. Download the Inquisition mod. The mod can be found at many modding sites or anyplace mods can be found, such as FileFront or GameSpot. The official name of the mod is "Inquisition Daemonhunt Mod" and is only compatible with users who have the "Dark Crusade" expansion pack.
  2. Unzip the downloaded mod. By default, the mod is packaged in a .zip file. This helps keeps the storage requirements low and the download time as short as possible. You'll need to unzip the Inquisition Daemonhunt file in any location to access the file's installer.
  3. Install the Inquisition mod. Open the unzipped Inquisition Daemonhunt file. Run the "inquisition_daemonhunt_mod.exe" file to begin the installation process. You'll need to follow the on-screen prompts to confirm you want to install the modification for "Dawn of War: Dark Crusade."
  4. Review the text file. Upon completion of the installation, a text file will appear. Review the file carefully, because it includes several important aspects of playing as the Daemonhunters, including unit lists and tech trees.
  5. Start the game. Start "Dawn of War: Dark Crusade" and the mod will automatically be loaded. The race can be played in any of the single-player skirmish-type modes. The computer can also be assigned to play as the Daemonhunters!
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