Dawn Of War Increase Cap Mod

“Dawn of War” increase cap mod is available to the avid gamer. The “Dawn of War” cap mod is the “Dawn of War” unit cap mod. This mod to “Dawn of War” means that the units are set to ‘zero’ enabling the gamer to build units (i.e. vehicles and squads) of any type to infinite amounts. This mod is official through several viable mod sites. Be leery of mods that are presented in forums, they may work but the comfort level of “hidden goodies’ is your rick to take.

Things you will need for this mod are:

  • Internet access
  • Computer
  • Dawn of War game

Note: this mod is set for Dark Crusade/Dawn of War: Soulstorm (Dawn of War Original/and Dark Crusade) only.

  1. “Dawn of War” presents a wide open universe but limited the amount of units you can build in the world. This proved to be frustrating for many of the early universe players. The concept of a wide opened universe as promoted by Warhammer only to limit the scope of what you could build made little sense. Several backdoor mods were developed in forum or gaming chat communities to resolve the frustration. These mods developed a ‘no cap’ or unlimited creation. These backdoor mods caught on with the gaming community and soon were remade and better packaged.
  2. These upgraded cap mods exists for the “Dawn of War”  gamer at notable mod websites. Such sites as ‘moddb,’  ‘filefront’ and ‘fileplanet.’ carry this mod. The cap mod is downloadable and provides the ability of boundless cap.  Some of these sites (filefront) have dubbed the mod "mobilize for war" but a simple search on “Dawn of War” no cap mod should do the trick. To download the mod go to the site and locate the mod for your version of the “Dawn of War” game.
  3. Select download from the selection and when the pop-up appears, select save. Save the file to your desktop. Once the file is there, double click it to initiate the mod. The file will open, process and attach itself to the proper file automatically. Delete the file from your desktop and you are ready to play without caps. Remember, the popularity of the ‘no cap mod’ is set for more than just the basic “Dawn of War” game and is available for newer versions of the game.
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