Dawn Of War Soulstorm Cheats

Dawn of War Soulstorm cheats is a continuation of the Warhammer 40000 series of games. It is most interesting because of its clever use of special cheat codes that can allow players to take control of elements that normal players might not have access to. All that a cheating player needs to do to access one of these codes is add the mark –DEV to the end of the shortcut command line to the game. Then, when you are in the game, press Control, Shift and [Tilde] to access the command prompt. Then, add one of these cheats into that prompt to gain the corresponding effect.

  1. FOW_Revealall- This will remove the fog of war on the game map allowing you to see all other units and terrain on the board.
  2. Fog_toggle- This cheat will replace the fog of war on the board.
  3. sd_instant_build = 1- This cheat will make all players on the board build much faster than they normally would.
  4. sd_instant_build = 0- This cheat, in contrast, slows the speed of building back down to the normal rate.
  5. cheat_killself- This cheat will cause the player to automatically kill himself.
  6. cheat_faith (#)- This cheat will give the player the amount of faith points specified where the # is.
  7. cheat_souls (#)- This cheat will give the player the amount of soul points specified where the # is.

These are the basic cheats to be used in normal and skirmish game play on the "Dawn of War: Soulstorm" game. Though some of them are relatively simple, all of them will give the player an edge that the computer player will not have. 

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