Dawn Of War Soulstorm Pop Cap Mod

The Dawn of War Soulstorm Pop Cap mod does not make the game operate more like Plants versus Zombies or Bejeweled. While some people would wade through hundreds of useful mods to the game just to find this bizarre code, the pop cap mod allows you to change the population cap for a player's units. If a mod that makes it operates like a Pop Cap game does become available, you are free to download it.

  1. Understanding the Population Limits. Players find the population limits for "Dawn of War Soulstorm" restrictive. The population limits determine the overall size of the army. All races except the Orks have a population cap of 10,000 by default. The Orks population cap is set at 8,500.
  2. Modifying the Population Limits. Programs that modify the population limits only need to change a few lines in the file. A player who knows the details of the file can change the base population limits, but only the “Dawn of War Soulstorm” population cap mod allows a player unlimited units.
  3. Run the "Pop Cap Mod" File. You probably do not want to go into the text files. So run the mod and start the game. Keep the number of “Dawn of War Soulstorm” mods you run to a minimum to prevent excess lag.
  4. Build Your Units To Your Heart's Content. If you did not set the population numbers to the maximum level, you will still have limits on the number and types of units you can build for each army. The Pop Cap mod does not restrict terminators or other elite units in “Dawn of War: Soulstorm.”
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