Dawn Of War Tyranid Mod

If you've been hankering for some new races in "Dawn of War," then this "Dawn of War" Tyranid mod is one of the best things for you. Out of all the mods that are coming out for this amazing game, this "Dawn of War" Tyranid mod is easily the most ambitious. The Tyranids are an adaptable biomass that are the scourge of the "Dawn of War" universe, making them one of the hardest races to make a mod for. However, this "Dawn of War" Tyranid mod is attempting to make a playable race that is as close to the tabletop universe's version of the beasts as possible.

  1. The Economy. One of the biggest parts of the Tyranids are their economy, or in this case, a lack thereof. The "Dawn of War" Tyranid mod is hoping to bring this aspect to be a main feature of this race in the game. While most races are focusing on acquiring energy and requisition, the Tyranids modus operandi is expanding what they already have and constantly absorbing the biomass around them. With that in mind, the "Dawn of War" Tyranid mod has this race constantly building on what they already have and expanding from a main base, as opposed to making smaller satellite bases, as other races do. Furthermore, the "Dawn of War" Tyranid mod focuses on making a race that is as adaptable as they are in the tabletop game.
  2. The Base. As mentioned previously, the "Dawn of War" Tyranid mod will make a race that focuses on a main base of operation that steadily expands across the map as the match progresses. Similar to how the Zerh work in "Starcraft," the "Dawn of War" Tyranid mod has you start out at one base that steadily expands as your race becomes more advanced. Everything is tied to their one central base and expands as your power grows.
  3. Units. Of course, what makes the Tyranids into such an exciting race to play as is the fact that they have unique units unlike any other in "Dawn of War." They are a slow-starting race that becomes more powerful as their base expands, meaning that you have to adopt a certain, expansion-based strategy when playing them. Unlike any of the other races in "Dawn of War," that can really hunker down in their own base and build up power as the game goes on, this race really relies on going out and exploring the rest of the map.

The "Dawn of War" Tyranid mod is definitely one for gamers who want something more from their game. This "Dawn of War" mod should be a good one because it's so comprehensive in its coverage of this amazing race. Definitely ambitious, we cannot wait until it comes out.

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