Dead Space Cheats

There aren't too many "Dead Space" cheats for the XBOX 360, but the select few that can be used are incredibly helpful for completing the survival horror game. The "Dead Space" cheats listed below are ten of the most important cheats; but the bredth of "Dead Space" ensures that the player will find multiple unlockables during their playthroughs of the game.

  1. Gain 5 nodes: Nodes are special items used to unlock doors and upgrade weapons in "Dead Space". To gain five nodes, pause the game and input Y, X, Y, X, X, Y, X, X, Y, X, X, Y. You will then be free to use the nodes as you wish, but you may only use the cheat once per game, so choose when to use it wisely!  
  2. Gain 2 nodes: Like the previous code, pause the game and input Y, X, X, X Y. You will gain 2 nodes, but you can only use this cheat once.  
  3. Gain 10,000 credits: Credits are used to purchase weapons and items from the store. This "Dead Space" cheat gives the player 10,000 credits to spend however they choose. To input the code, pause the game and press X, Y, Y, Y, X, X, Y. You may only use this cheat once in the game.  
  4. Get 5,000 credits: This can be used once per game. To gain 5,000 credits, press pause and input X, X, X, Y, X, Y.  
  5. 2,000 credit cheat: At the pause menu, input X, X, X, Y, Y. This, like the other "Dead Space" cheats, may only be used once per game.  
  6. Get 1,000 credits: Press X, X, X, Y, X while paused to get 1,000 credits; the cheat code is also for one-time use. This makes a grand total of 18,000 credits available using cheat codes.  
  7. Stasis and Kinesis recharge: The Stasis ability can be used to slow down objects and Necromorph creatures. Kinesis allows the player to pick up and throw objects in midair. To recharge both of these gauges, enter X, Y, Y, X, Y at the pause menu. This code may be used as much as necessary.  
  8. Recharge 02: To refill your oxygen tank, pause the game and press X, X, Y, Y, Y. You may use this "Dead Space" cheat more than once.  
  9. Unlock military suit: To get Isaac's military suit, beat the game on any difficulty. You must the Cleared Game save file, and then buy the suit from the store for 99,000 credits.  
  10. Refill gun ammo: If you're running low on gun ammo, use a power node to upgrade your gun's capacity slot. This will provide you with the gun's full amount of ammo. You must have a power node to do this, however, and there is no unlimited ammo cheat.

There are more unlockables to found through Hard and Impossible playthroughs of "Dead Space", but the "Dead Space" cheats listed above are helpful in providing the player help during those tricky situations. Though most can be used only once, the cheats can be a pivotal turning point in your "Dead Space" game.

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