Deadmau5 Discography

Anyone who knows this Canadian DJ knows that the deadmau5 discography is lengthy. The electronic-dance musician known as deadmau5 (pronounced "Dead Mouse") is a Grammy-nominated, Juno Award-winning artist. The camera-shy Joel Zimmerman, the man behind deadmau5, likes to hide under his stylistic "mau5heads" when performing in public. Among other things, deadmau5 is known for crossing genres with relative ease while maintaining his distinctive style. Below (part of the deadmau5 discography), we will examine the varied and impressive musical career of one of the world's best disk jockeys.

  1. "Get Scraped" Deadmau5 burst onto the scene with this studio album, released in June of 2006. A lot of trip-hop and intelligent dance music (IDM) influence is notable throughout the tracks.
  2. "Vexillology" The second studio album of deadmau5, publicly released on November 6, 2006, focused more on progressive house than its predecessor. This album is notable for not featuring the mau5head on its cover.
  3. "Full Circle" The first extended play (EP) of Canadian DJ deadmau5 was titled "Full Circle." It featured seven tracks and harped on progressive house and electro house, in much a similar way as "Vexillology."
  4. "Random Album Title" The third studio album of deadmau5 kept with the progressive nature of its antecedents. "Random Album Title" was released on September 2, 2008 under the Ultra Sound label in the United States.
  5. "At Play" "At Play" marked deadmau5's first compilation album, with ten full songs of amazing house music. Recorded from 2006 to 2007, this album was released in October of 2008.
  6. "It Sounds Like" His second compilation album, Zimmerman took house music for a spin with nineteen solid tracks, including the famous "Ghosts N Stuff." "It Sounds Like" was first released in early 2009 to anticipating fans worldwide.
  7. "For Lack of a Better Name" Following in the steps of Joel's ambiguously-named albums, "For Lack of a Better Name" was deadmau5's fourth studio release. This electro house composition topped out at number 14 on the U.S. Dance Albums chart. "For Lack of a Better Name" premiered in September 2009.
  8. "At Play Vol. 2" Also known as "At Play 2," this compilation was deadmau5's last release of 2009. The album is a mix of both DJs and genres, including artists such as Melleefresh, BSOD, and Billy Newton-Davis.
  9. "At Play Vol. 3" Deadmau5's first release of 2010 sampled half of its tracks from his album "Vexillology," yet managed to pack 62 minutes of originality into in between its covers. The third volume of the "At Play" series was produced under the Play Records label.
  10. "4×4=12" Rising to number 2 on the U.S. Dance Albums charts, "4×4=12" promoted itself with the release of hits such as "Some Chords," "Right This Second," and "Bad Selection." Critics generally responded positively to this studio album from deadmau5, with some praise going towards his integration of dubstep with the usual progressive house.

The deadmau5 discography is quite extensive, and Joel Zimmerman is constantly putting out new work. From "Raise Your Weapon" off of "4×4=12" to "Ghosts N Stuff" off of his first 2009 compilation album, the deadmau5 discography has both eclectic tastes and varied products. Take some time to listen to Zimmerman's work and you too might just get hooked on the sound of house music.

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