Decorating With Sheets How To Cover Furniture

Knowing how to cover furniture by decorating with sheets can spruce up your pad without having to cost a lot of money. Decorating with sheets can give you a lot more options for the overall look of your furniture. Sheets come in a wider variety colors and styles than what you can find in a furniture store. Not to mention a set of sheets is a lot cheaper than the hundreds of dollars it can cost you to re-upholster your furniture professionally. 

To cover furniture by decorating with sheets, you will need:

  • Sheets
  • Needle and thread or sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Pen, pencil or marker
  • Zipper or safety pins (optional)
  1. Find a set of sheets that you want to use to cover furniture. Start with sheets that you're no longer using. If you don't have any old sheets you can use to cover furniture buy a new set to use for decorating with sheets. 
  2. Measure the length and width of the furniture that you want to cover. Add one inch to the final measurement of your furniture. Adding the extra inch to the measurement will make sure that you cut enough of the sheet to cover your furniture, and allow them to slide over the furniture comfortably. Ease of use is important in decorating with sheets.
  3. Lay your sheet out on a flat surface. Using the measurements taken from the furniture you want to cover, measure the amount of fabric you will need. Use a pencil, pen or marker to mark the places where you want to cut the sheet. Depending on the kind of furniture you want to cover while decorating with sheets, you may need to cut them to cover both the front and back of your furniture. 
  4. Cut the sheets that you measured into the shape you need to cover your furniture.  Make sure you cut pieces for the front and back of the furniture that you want to cover if need be.
  5. Put the pieces of the sheets you cut together. Make sure that the side of the sheets that you want to use to cover furniture are facing each other.
  6. Use a needle and thread or sewing machine so sew the the sides together. Sew the sheets together along the edges of the fabric. Make sure that you leave one side open to cover furniture with the sheets.
  7. Turn the sheets right side out. This will leave the side that you want to use to cover furniture facing outward. 
  8. Slide the sheets over the furniture that you want to cover. Once the furniture is covered you can use safety pins to close the opened section, or you can install a zipper. We suggest pinning the open side closed or installing a zipper, this makes the sheets that you're using to cover your furniture easy to remove and wash when needed. If you sew the open side closed, you won't be able to wash the sheets.
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