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Take a voice fueled by the abyss, add chords that shatter concrete then let it get hit by lightning and the 10 best Deftones lyrics are born. Chino and company drive their wall of sound through your senses. The Deftones don’t seek to overwhelm but to merge with their audience as these lyrics find purchase and resonate:

  1. "Elite": "You're into depression cause it matches your eyes." With prescriptions flooding through the populace, how long before designer mental illnesses are the ultimate hipster accessory? In "Elite" the eyes leak the soul and Chino voices the hypocrisy. New genes in twenty-four hours or your money back.
  2. "Back to School": "Right back to school, Look back I sift through all the cliques, Roaming the halls all year making me sick, While everyone's out trying to make the cut." The group dynamics of high school stay in memory. "Back to School" brings up the past rejections and successes in our DNA. Insecurities and victories lay dormant until resurrected by these words.
  3. "Passenger": "Now to calm me, This time won't you please, Drive faster, Roll the windows down, This cool night air is curious, Let the whole world look in, Who cares who sees anything, I'm your passenger." The night air strips the heat from your body and the malaise from your mind as "Passenger" plays. Chino shares a simple memory and opens up to the world. With judgment, the world looks at the passenger as well.
  4. "Battle Axe": "I want to sleep if you are awake, Still making believe, That you aren't at all crazy, And if you don't believe, I think you should, You make me so proud." The Deftones almost pleasant take on a dying relationship is created in "Battle Axe". Sleep is the one escape from the antagonist. The heart changes to bile while circling the drain.
  5. "Mein": "I'd like to pull you into me, Intercept you in between, But I will never wanted in, inside." The Deftones write about human psychology in neon with "Mein", welcoming the Yin, but never exploring the Yang.
  6. "Diamond Eyes": "Time will see us realign, Diamonds rain across the sky and shower me into the same realm." Before fast communication, sharing the night sky eliminated vast distances between people. Meteorites streak, stars shine and two souls share "Diamond Eyes". Time stops and connective fibers grow between us all.
  7. "RX Queen": "I won't stop following you, Now help me pray for the death of everything new, Then we'll fly farther cause you're my girl and that's alright, If you sting me I won't mind." "Diamond Eyes" is a metal rally to protect the certain present and keep static the future. A comfortable moment with its pain trumps an uncertain future in the pharmacy of the "RX Queen". The sacrifice lies in accepting the troubles bound in the moment.
  8. "When Girls Telephone Boys": "And her compact's carving deeper in your lap, I would call but I forgot where the phone is at." The intimacy of physical possessions penetrating clothing awakes with "When Girls Telephone Boys". Everyday items leave their own temporary marks. Evoking touch, Chino triggers flashbacks as the Deftones reopen the listener's past in a deluge of metal harmonies.
  9. "Rickets": "It's so simple to look at every little thing I do wrong, It's so simple to overlook every little thing I do right." A Deftones branded lesson to the masses occurs in "Rickets". Obsess on the failings, ignore the successes and the brain becomes its own cyclical trap.
  10. "This Place is Death": "You arrive in my dream, Beside me every night, You and me, We explode through the scene, We try to drain the night empty." The bigger the dream the harder it is to wake. The sleeper owns the unseen in "This Place is Death". Dream hard, dream big and dream with others.
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