Dehydration Symptoms In Adults

Dehydration symptoms in adults are common and easily overlooked as something else entirely. When dehydration may be most likely to strike are in times of severe heat, during high activity levels or sickness. All of these situations may be the cause of depletion of water stores in the body and should be remedied immediately upon recognizing signs or symptoms of dehydration. Even small fluid losses can cause imbalance within the body's delicate infrastructure so making sure to hydrate on a regular basis, with plain water, is crucial.

  1. Thirst The desire to drink fluid is the most common and often ignored symptom of early stages of dehydration. At this first sign, have a drink! No, alcohol and coffee doesn't count.
  2. Dry skin Without adequate hydration, skin will become dry, flaky or itchy. Drinking water can remedy dry skin almost immediately if consumed early on.
  3. Skin flushing or heat Fluid is necessary to cool the body down. Without appropriate stores of water, the skin is easily overheated and prone to flushing.
  4. Fatigue Being overly tired is a strong sign of the initial dehydration symptoms in adults. If you're feeling tired, the first thing to reach for is a tall glass of water.
  5. Dark urine  When your body is adequately hydrated, urine should be pale yellow or clear. Dark yellow concentrated urine is a strong indicator of dehydration.
  6. Dry mouth.This goes without saying. Not drinking enough fluids makes your mouth feel like you've stuffed it with cotton.
  7. Dizzy or light-headedness. When changing from horizontal to vertical positions, it is normal for blood pressure to change. Without appropriate fluid levels in the body, this light-headedness may be more severely pronounced as the body works harder to maintain balance.

If mild dehydration is allowed to persist, worsening symptoms will be present. These symptoms affect many of the systems of the body and can result in an emergency situation.

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