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A Skype account is great software to have, but when you are not using it anymore you may want to delete the Skype account. Skype is a web-based software program that allows users to video chat with one another. As with all subscription-based services though, when you do not need it, you delete the account. Follow these steps to learn how.

  1. Find out which type of account you have. Skype offers two kinds of accounts, business and personal. If you have a business account, it is very easy to delete the Skype account. If your account is personal, you can only delete the Skype account it from the Skype Manager. The Personal account will stay active until all credit has expired.
  2. Log into the Skype Manager on You will need your Skype username and password to log in. Make sure that you have Skype Manager access.
  3. Navigate to the members section of Skype Manager. In the Skype Manager, you can see a list of your Skype members. Remember this is for business accounts only, personal accounts cannot access Skype Manager. Select the members you would like to remove and click delete. Skype credits will just transfer back into the Skype Manager account, but all subscriptions will be lost.
  4. Any personal accounts that you deleted from Skype Manager will still be active. If you have a personal account, you cannot permanently delete the Skype account. You can make the account inactive though.
  5. Delete your Skype profile on your personal account. Once you delete your profile, no one will be able to search for you on Skype. Also, delete all of your contacts and uninstall the software from your computer or cell phone. When the Skype credits run out the account will be inactive.
  6. Remember, once you delete a business account from Skype Manager, it is gone permanently. Make sure this is really something you want to do first. All voicemails and messages will be lost from the business account when you delete the Skype account. Your personal Skype account will remain inactive indefinitely, and you can still log into it.
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