Demi Lovato Biography

Demi Lovato biography is rife with all the drama befitting a blockbuster. The Mexican, Italian and Irish young woman grew up in an entertainment family, and she has risen and fallen in the entertainment world. Debuting in the late 1990's as a child star on "Barney and Friends," alongside her Disney pal Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato did not reappear on the screen for quite some years.

Demi Lovato cecomes the star of Disney. Her next shot came in 2007 when Disney discovered her at an open casting call in her hometown of Dallas. She got the part in a series of comedy shorts called "As the Bell Rings" which led her to audition for a part on the Jonas Brothers' Disney Channel sitcom, which she didn't get. In 2008, Demi told Entertainment Weekly, "Even though the show was only, like, five minutes, it was the Disney Channel! I thought it was the coolest thing." After singing for the executives of Disney, young Demi Lovato was cast in the now acclaimed made-for-TV movie "Camp Rock," starring opposite Joe Jonas.  

The year 2008 was big year for the up and coming star. Not only did she co-star with best friend Selena Gomez in the Disney movie "Princess Protection Program," which aired in 2009, but Demi also began shooting the series "Sonny With a Chance." It wasn't long before Demi Lovato was a big name, creating a touring presence with the Jonas Brothers and releasing her debut album, “Don't Forget.” After the album made its way to No. 2 on the Billboard album chart, Demi was officially on her way to the top.  

Demi Lovato enters rehab. March of 2010 saw the starlet dating her "Camp Rock" costar Joe Jonas, though the two only made it until May of the same year. By November, Demi Lovato had hit an official downward spiral. At 18, Demi Lovato dropped out of the tour with the Jonas Brothers after fighting with a dancer and checked into rehab. Her rep told People magazine that it was due to “emotional and physical issues.”  

In January of 2011 Demi Lovato checked out of rehab and moved back to Los Angeles. The star opened up to ABC newscaster Robin Roberts on "Good Morning America" and 20/20 about her stint in rehab, where she was officially treated for cutting and bulimia, among other emotional issues. Some of her mental issues stemmed from bullying, she claimed to US Weekly magazine. Demi said that her self-mutilation was, "A way of expressing my own shame, of myself, on my own body." Having been proclaimed a mature-for-her-age star who was a practicing Christian, the news hit her fans hard.  

The repercussions of Demi Lovato's actions are still sorting themselves out. In April 2011, Demi announced that she will not be returning to "Sonny With a Chance" and will instead be focusing on her musical career. The future for Disney's young star is a road unpaved, her choices having diminished some of her opportunities, yet provided her an opportunity to speak for other young women suffering the same issues she dealt with.

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