Dermal Piercing

Dermal piercing, often called dermal anchoring, is a single point piercing. It makes the jewelry look as though it is embedded in the skin by piercing the skin with an anchor and attaching the jewelry to the post of the anchor.

Dermal piercing is an alternative to other types of piercings that take place on the body. Many common types of piercings include ears, navels, nipples, eyebrows, noses and tongues. Dermal piercing is a technique that can be used on almost anywhere on the body.

Dermal piercing involves an anchor, which is a metal piece containing a post and a flat surface, being inserted into the skin. The flat part of the anchor goes into the skin allowing the post to skin out. The jewelry is then attached to the post. This type of piercing offers a low risk of the body rejecting it.

When the dermal piercing is done, the area must be cleaned thoroughly first. If it is not cleaned properly, the area is more likely to get infected. A needle is then inserted into the skin which creates a pocket of skin allowing the piercing to be done. The metal is then inserted. After the dermal piercing, a person should cleanse the area twice a day with hot water and soap.

Dermal piercing can be done virtually anywhere on the body. Places on the body that have a lot of movement are not the best choices for the piercing; however they still can be done. The healing process however, may take somewhat longer than if the dermal piercing is done on a place with little movement.

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