Designer Of Sony Rolly

Sony Rolly fans are increasing everyday and so is the curiosity as to who is the designer of Sony Rolly. Sonny Rolly is an innovation in music player technology by the brand Sony. Sony Rolly is Sony’s new music player that is designed to make hearing music more entertaining. It is an oval, egg shaped acoustic equipment that moves and spins with the music it produces. There is an attractive light display in addition to cool moves. Sony Rolly can even be programmed to follow special moves giving a sense of control to the owner.

Sony is a multi billionaire company that functions in complete harmony with innovation and cutting edge technology. The Sony group has a unit that is constantly striving to devise break through inventions. This unit with its qualified staff is called Sony Creative Center. Sony has given many captivating inventions. To the designers of Sony Rolly, the first step was Artificial Intelligence roBOt, commonly known as AIBO. These were prototype robotic pets that were a success. The engineers at the AIBO Development Centre were the very first to bring in the idea of an egg shaped music player that later got fame as Sony Rolly.

The chief developers of Sony Rolly were three designers of the Sony Creative Center. Their names and designations are:

  • Kunihito Sawai, senior designer.
  • Yujin Morisawa, Designer.
  • Taku Sugawara, producer and designer.

Sawai, one of the designers of Sony Rolly claims a few designers who were working to develop the AIBO program brought in the Prototype Rolly design. The little gadget was enticing and convinced Sawai to take it up as a Sony project. The designers took great pains in designing it to be an immediate success. Rolly was displayed and reactions were observed. The movements of  Sony Rolly were made to impart the music it played. The final appliance is an egg shaped device no bigger than the palm of a hand and is extremely captivating.

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