Dexilant Side Effects

Dexilant side effects do occur in patients that take the drug. This medication is taken to treat acid reflux disease by removing acid from the stomach. Read on to learn more about the side effects of Dexilant.

  1. Allergic reaction. Although allergic reactions are rare in patients taking Dexilant, it is listed as a side effect. Your immune system will overreact to certain substances and this triggers the allergic reaction. Report this condition to a medical professional if it continues while taking this drug.
  2. Rash. A rash is considered to be one of the serious Dexilant side effects. Normally patients taking the drug will experience inflammation of the skin which mat be bumpy, red, or swollen. Do not ignore the signs you need to call your doctor.
  3. Swelling in facial areas. Pay attention to swelling in the facial areas while taking Dexilant. Write down where it hurts and how long you have been having this symptom so that you can share the information with your healthcare provider.
  4. Trouble breathing. Dexilant side effects do include trouble breathing. Take notes and write down the days and times that you have had difficulty breathing. Share that information with your doctor.
  5. Soar throat. A soar throat also known as pharyngitis, can be caused by Dexilant side effects. If your soar throat is painful, and you have white patches on your throat get medical treatment. If a soar throat lasts more than a week, go to the doctor.
  6. Trouble swallowing. Swallowing disorders also known as dysphagia are very common in the elderly age group and the infant age group. In most cases, patients have difficulty getting liquids and food from the mouth to the stomach. Try to eat smaller portions of food and see an otolaryngologist if the condition does not clear-up.
  7. Vomiting. If you are vomiting, keep in mind that this is one of the Dexilant side effects. When a person vomits, liquids and food are forced from the stomach up into the mouth. One of the main causes of vomiting is medications. Contact a gastroenterologist and set-up an appointment to see him if the vomiting does not stop.
  8. Stomach pain. If you are having stomach pains, and you are taking Dexilant, let your physician know immediately. Most stomach pains are caused by what we eat or drink. Keep notes on what type of food or liquids you eat and drink.
  9. Itching. Patients have been known to experience itching while taking. This is another one of the common Dexilant side effects.
  10. Gas. It is not unusual for patients to experience gastric problems while taking Dexilant. Make sure you carefully all read the instructions on the label and follow your doctor’s instructions.
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