Diabetes Symptoms In Men

Diabetes symptoms in men are quite similar regardless if a man has type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Diabetes is a condition that results when the body becomes incapable of properly using and controlling glucose (sugar). This causes unusually high levels of glucose within the blood, which if left untreated can produce devastating consequences.

Type 1 diabetes is commonly known as insulin-dependent diabetes because those with this form of diabetes completely loose their ability to produce insulin on their own. This requires a daily injection of insulin to allow the body to continue to function properly. This form of diabetes is commonly found in children and people under the age for 40.

Type 2 diabetes is commonly known as non-insulin-dependent diabetes because the body remains capable of producing insulin; however, the amount of insulin the body produces is not adequate enough to allow the body to function properly. This requires a special diet to be maintained to ensure the insulin levels to not become severely elevated or to become diminished. This form of diabetes typically occurs late in life. Men have an increased risk for type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes symptoms in men are the same for both forms of diabetes. The most common diabetes symptoms in men include an increase in thirst and an overall sense of tiredness. It is not uncommon for men to become lethargic if the diabetes has been left untreated. Other diabetes symptoms in men include an increase in urination, which often increases at night. Weight loss is a common symptoms for men to experience with type 1 diabetes. Other diabetes symptoms in men involve unexplained itching, commonly occurring near the genital region and blurred vision.

If any of the diabetes symptoms in men become present, it is vital a medical evaluation is sought. If either form of diabetes is left untreated, serious and life threatening complications can occur. A simple test can determine whether or not diabetes is present within the body.



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