Diddy Kong Racing How Do You Beat T.T.

Wondering about Diddy Kong Racing and how do you beat TT? As always, it comes down to solid racing and lots of speed. In the case of TT, however, you’ve got to know the process of getting your shot to race him. Follow these steps to unlock and conquer all the TT Challenges.

  1. Locate all the TT Challenge Keys. Every area has a special key on one of its tracks to unlock the challenges (you won’t be able to beat TT in Diddy Kong Racing until you find these keys).

    • On the Ancient Lake course, the key is straight ahead from the starting line on the ramp between the two rock pillars. 
    • On Snowball Valley, take a hard left as soon as you start and go through the mountain trail. Take a right and the key will be hidden in the side of the mountain. 
    • On Crescent Island, a key is also hidden in the side of the mountain. Just take the path to your left, keep left into the water and follow along the mountain until you see it. 
  2. Pick a racer who can keep up. If you’re going to beat TT (or any other boss in Diddy Kong Racing), you need to know which characters are the fastest.  Krunch and Drumstick are two that we’re particularly fond of. They both reach blazing high speeds and get maximum impact from zippers.
  3. Learn how to use zippers effectively. Sure, hitting a zipper will make you speed up, but there’s a lot more to it than that if you want to beat TT. First, let off the gas a bit before you hit the zippers. You might be hesitant to slow down, but doing this will give you a green boost and make you go faster than a normal boost.  Also, don’t forget to tap A when you’re in the middle of a boost. It might only add a small amount of extra boost, but you’ll need every bit you can get to beat TT.
  4. Once you’ve beat TT’s challenges, unlock him by beating his times in Time Trial mode. Beating TT is great, but don’t you want to race with him too?  Every track has a certain time to beat that will unlock TT’s ghost. If you can beat the ghost on all twenty tracks, you will have successfully unlocked TT, one of the best racers in all of Diddy Kong Racing.

You’re sure to impress your friends when you show them how to beat TT in Diddy Kong Racing. Remember, find the keys, go fast, and practice. You’ll be the champion before you know it.

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