Diesel Belts: 5 Best

The 5 best Diesel belts are designer belts that are very trendy and fashionable for men. The thinking behind Diesel belts is as follows: They complete your designer men's wardrobe, since it makes no sense to buy designer clothing and then not have the proper belt with which to finish off your look! In our five Best Diesel Belts guide, you will know what to buckle around your waist to look sharp.

  1. Diesel Rustican Cintura Belt. This men's belt is for the man who wants the world to know what brand he wears and is not afraid of displaying it on his waist. Coming in green leather and sporting a big, brown buckle, this Diesel Rustican Cintura Belt carries the Diesel name and logo on the back of the belt. Now, you can sport the Diesel name right above your buttocks…how cool is that?
  2. Diesel Alloverme Cintura Belt. Our guide to the 5 Best Diesel Belts would be missing something if this baby did not make it on. The Diesel Alloverme Cintura Belt comes in leather, too, but this time black leather. It also sports an imposing belt buckle and the Diesel brand name embossed as a logo all around it. Show the world you are proud to wear Diesel.
  3. Diesel Roller Boys Belt. For the man who still is in touch with his boyish self, the Diesel Roller Boys Belt has all the trappings of a young man about to strike out on his own. It comes in brown leather and sports a large, square-shaped buckle with a Diesel-etched logo.
  4. Diesel Slicees Cintura Belt. The Diesel Slicees Cintura Belt is made with 100% black, crinkled leather for that sort of slightly worn and faded look. Tell the world you are proud to wear Diesel as the buckle comes with a Diesel-etched logo.
  5. Diesel Side-Bar Cintura Belt. If you like powerful and something that makes a statement, make it the Diesel Side-Bar Cintura Belt. Coming in dark brown leather, it sports the Diesel logo boldy on the bottom of the belt buckle.
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