Diesel Jeans For Men: 5 Best Cuts

If you are considering buying Diesel jeans, learn about the 5 best cuts of Diesel jeans for men. The best Diesel cuts are either bootcut or regular. Whatever you do, stay away from skinny, tapped legged jeans. Here are 5 examples of Diesel's best cut jeans for men:

  1. Diesel Zatiny 008b4 These jeans have a straight leg cut. The Zatiny is a flattering cut regardless of your shape. They are made to be a little bit longer to fall over your shoe and they also look great with flip flops. These jeans are already broken in for you, so they won't feel stiff or tight. They are slightly faded, but not too trendy. They come in an antique blue wash.
  2. Diesel Zatiny 008YM These boot cut jeans are slim fitting. These look best on smaller men. The knee is worn, but you can still go out in these jeans. These jeans come in medium indigo or blue jewel.
  3. Diesel Zatiny 008C0 Another boot cut jean but with a straight leg. These jeans look sharp with a modest leather Diesel logo at the front pocket. These jeans are low waisted and have five pockets. They are available in blue.
  4. Diesel Ruky 008SS This jean is for a bigger guy who doesn't want any pinching. These baggy jeans are boot cut and run longer than the Zatiny variety. They have a destroyed, worn look. The Roky comes in a dark wash.
  5. Diesel Larky 00731 These jeans feature a straight leg with a medium rise waist. The Larky has a trendy, vintage look and are flattering on any shape. 
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