Diesel Jeans For Men: How To Wash

Everyone loves Diesel Jeans for men, but how to wash them? Diesel Jeans are nice, high quality jeans and must be washed correctly for them to last. Men typically do not wash their jeans very often. This keeps the jeans looking mint, but also is well, just nasty. If you do not wash the jeans, after a while either something will get spilled on them or they will start to smell bad. No one likes to be known as the stinky friend.

To wash Diesel Jeans you will need:

  • A washing machine with a delicate setting
  • Some mild detergent
  • White vinegar
  1. The first wash. When washing Diesel Jeans for the first time, make sure to place them in a separate wash load in case some of the color bleeds. Fill the wash machine up with cold water and some detergent first. Then add 1/4 cup of white vinegar to the wash load to seal in the color.
  2. Prepare the Diesel Jeans to be washed. Place the jeans into the wash water with the detergent and white vinegar already dissolved in it. Make sure the wash machine is set to the delicate cycle with cold wash and rinse. Do not place anything else in with the Diesel Jeans.
  3. Be careful when drying Diesel Jeans. Most people will hang dry high quality jeans to keep them from shrinking and fading. Another option is to lay the jeans flat. The dryer can be used, but use the low heat option so the Diesel Jeans do not shrink much. Using the high heat setting will not only shrink the jeans, but also may contribute to the loss of color.
  4. Try to only wash your Diesel Jeans one time for every two times you wear them. This will ensure the pants will not lose their color as fast. Turn the pants inside out for each wash after the first to help the color stay. Always wash the jeans in cold water and try to avoid putting them in the dryer.


How to wash your jeans

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