Diesel Men Shoes: 5 Best

Get trendy with the five best Diesel men's shoes. Diesel started out in the designer denim market, selling acid washed and pre-ripped jeans to the masses of hipsters and hip-hop heads all over the world. As their brand made a name for itself, Diesel began to branch out into other lines of men's and women's apparel. Now diesel offers shirts, wallets, bags, belts and shoes. While some of the things that Diesel designs borders that strange wilderness between tacky and boring, they managed to do well with their line of Diesel men's shoes. The Diesel men's shoes are trendy and fashion forward without being too over the top or tacky. They tend to be fairly basic shoes that can meld seamlessly from the office to the street.

  1. Best Strap  This brown suede low-top sneaker is among the best Diesel men's shoes for summer. It's a cotton shoe with an aged vintage look and three Velcro straps along the front to pull the whole look together. It's a versatile shoe that can work well with jeans and shorts.
  2. Exposure – Being an off shoot of the classic "Chuck Taylor" is what makes this among the best Diesel men's shoes. It's white denim high-top with red logo stitching along the sides to give it a splash of color. A good shoe if you're going for the old school baller look.
  3. Yuk  This is among the best Diesel men's shoes for someone looking for a sporty casual look. It's a black mid-ankle high-top with textured suede accents along the sides of the shoe and the logo. The rounded shell-toe makes it the perfect shoe for jeans. And they have enough of a sneaker look to rock with a pair of shorts and relive your skate boarding days.
  4. One Style – This is the best Diesel men's shoes for someone who is looking for something comfy to wear to the office. It's a soft suede loafer that work well with dress pants or to give a pair of jeans a business casual look. 
  5. Midtown – This is one of the best Diesel men's shoes for anyone looking for something to bridge the gap between work and casual attire. It's a dark suede shoe with a rounded toe that gives them the look of a loafer. The laces at the top of these mid-ankle high-tops give the shoe a sporty look that looks good with jeans and shorts.
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