Difference Between Macbook And Macbook Pro

Deciding which type of Apple laptop to buy depends on your knowledge of the difference between MacBook and MacBook Pro. While Apple sports three different models of laptops, some opt out of the third choice, the MacBook Air, due to either price or its storage and processing limitations. Those who do come down to buying either a MacBook or MacBook Pro should consider the following options before making their big purchase.

Size: If having a variety of options appeals to you, then the MacBook Pro has advantages over the MacBook. While the MacBook is meant to be a basic entry-level laptop and only comes with a 13-inch screen, the MacBook Pro is meant for more experienced Apple users and comes in a 13-inch, 15-inch and 17-inch screen choices.

Cost: If you’re considering a 13-inch regardless of model, then the cost difference between a MacBook and MacBook Pro is fairly reasonable with the MacBook starting at $999 and the MacBook pro just $200 higher at $1199 (although the price may change depending how you choose to augment the laptop with add-ons). However, if a 15-or 17-inch screen is more to your liking, prepare to pay considerably more.

Memory: Hereagain, the difference between a MacBook and a MacBook Pro depends on how much a potential buyer wants to spend and what he plans to do with the computer. If basic word processing work and internet surfing are your thing, then the MacBook’s 2 to 4 GB memory should be perfect for your needs. But if high-end video editing or gaming is what you want out of your computer, then the MacBook Pro’s 4 to 8 GB memory may be more of the thing for you.

Hard drive space:  Do you store your documents in the cloud or on your computer? If you want to store items on your hard drive and not worry about access to virtual storage, then both the MacBook and MacBook Pro have a generous storage starting at 500 GB for both. But if you have a ton of videos and pictures and need all the storage you can get, then take a look at the additional options the MacBook Pro offers, namely the 128 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB options.

Accessories: While both the MacBook and MacBook Pro offers the same battery life and display options (for the 13-inch models), there are a few features available on the MacBook Pro that make that extra $200 worth the extra hole it will dig in your pocket. Items like a FaceTime HD camera instead of the built-in iSight camera. Or the backlit keyboard when you find yourself typing up a term paper in the middle of the night. Or the new Thunderbolt port for uploading video to your computer as opposed to the traditional USB 2.0 port, which is significantly slower than Apple’s own option. 



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