Different Boxing Styles

In boxing, there are various styles and techniques available for fighters to adapt and use in their ring exploits. These different styles of fighting make every match exciting and entertaining to watch. Perceptibly, no two boxers have the same exact style of fighting, but certainly there are many similarities between the fighters of this generation and the warriors of yesteryears. Here are the different boxing styles that we can appreciate from most pugilists today:

Outside fighter. With this fighting style, the boxer relies on his long reach and speed. Mostly, boxers who are known to be outside fighters employ their jab a lot against their opponents. They are slick fighters who almost always get their victories by scoring decisions. Outside fighters often wear down their opponents and frustrate them to make them realize that they are simply outclassed. Notable boxers with this fighting style are Muhammad Ali, Floyd Mayweather, Jr., and Sugar Ray Robinson.

Puncher. This type of fighter possesses the ability to knock out his opponent with a single strike or with a combination of punches. He is also known as brawler or slugger because of his tendency to tussle with his opponent in the heat of battle inside the ring. Most victories of a puncher is by way of knockout. It does not matter if the boxer is behind on points because he has a special weapon called "puncher's chance." This means that a single punch from a puncher can change the whole complexion of the fight and ultimately turn the tide against his opponent. Fighters who use this boxing style include Manny Pacquiao, Rocky Marciano, and Arturo Gatti.

Swarmer/Inside fighter. An in-fighter is a relentless boxer who has excellent footwork and amazing hand speed. He always initiates the action in the ring, hence this boxer is considered as the most exciting fighter to watch. He wins most of his fights by knockouts because he simply dominates and overwhelms his opponents. Boxers belonging in this elite group are Manny Pacquiao, Mike Tyson, Marco Antonio Barrera, and Joe Frazier.

Counter puncher. The fighter can be boring to watch because he does not initiate action, but rather wait for his opponent to commit mistakes before he responds with his own flurries of punches. Unfortunately, many counter punchers do not really throw a barrage of hooks or uppercuts, but oftentimes they only throw 1-2 combination. Nevertheless, this is a proven style for a lot of fighters in the likes of Floyd Mayweather, Jr.; Juan Manuel Marquez, Bernard Hopkins, and Pernell Whitaker. These pugilists often win by decision because they avoid engaging with their opponents and are simply satisfied displaying their masterful counter punching strategies inside the square circle.

A versatile fighter can actually use any of these different boxing styles or any combination of them. A fighter of such pedigree is Manny Pacquiao, who is considered as the most exciting fighter in the world and the number one pound-for-pound boxer of the planet. If only all fighters can provide excitement like Pacquiao when they step in the ring, boxing will never be considered a dying sport today and will remain as the foremost combat sport for generations to come.

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