Different French Beard Styles

Why just grow a beard when you can wear different French beard styles? Depending on the time and place, men who wear beards have been considered virile, wise and even unkept. The men of France have been wearing different beard styles for centuries. In the United States, beards can accentuate certain clothing and lifestyles. Some women find beards sexy on men, some don't. Choose your favorite French beard from the list below.

  1. The French beard. This beard is very popular in the United States these days. The French beard is a full beard with exception to the cheeks, which are shaved to just above the jawbone. This beard looks like you have sideburns from the top of your ears, down and around the jawbone to the tip of your chin. You can also shave the hair from under the chin for a different look.
  2. The royale. This beard style consists of a moustache and a soul patch. The soul patch extends from the lower lip to the chin. This French style beard requires little maintenance. Country music singer Billy Ray Cyrus sometimes wears a short soul patch without a moustache.
  3. The French pirate. The French pirate is worn mostly by artists of all types in the United States. This French beard consists of a moustache and goatee that frames your mouth. The goatee should be short to medium in length and can be worn with or without a soul patch. Actor Johnny Depp and music producer Sean Combs have been known to sport this style beard.
  4. The imperial. This French beard is very simple but it says a lot. The imperial beard is a pointed tuft of whiskers on the chin that is topped with a moustache. The beard can be worn with a soul patch attached or not.

Remember, whatever style of beard you choose to wear is fine as long as you keep it well groomed.

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